All forms of enterprise, whether a large multinational, public, private, government and NGO’s have and are experiencing change. All have good leaders, good ideas and good intentions. One of the great false assumptions in leadership development is, “if they understand, they will do”. If this were true, everyone who understood the importance of going on a healthy diet and exercising would be in shape.

Every executive that we meet is smart. In terms of behaviour, all understand what they should do.
Sometimes they just can’t.

What makes some successful and others not? How is it that some continue to be able to morph themselves and stay relevant to their stakeholders? How do leaders build and maintain a capacity for effective action in an environment of accelerating change and mounting complexity?

Every enterprise wants leaders who are:

  • Security in their own abilities & competencies
  • Practice lifelong learning and are willing to grow
  • Adaptable
  • Positive in attitude
  • Highly self-efficient

Integral Coaching Africa offers an Integral coaching programme that works with your people before, during and after change. We work to shift the individual from knowing to having the ability to live and apply the theory. Our practices embrace how your people think, feel and act. We are trained to take holistic and intuitive perspectives across people, process and the organisation. We touch the physical wellbeing of your leaders and provide the individual with a sustainable means to self-generate and self correct in the leadership development.

We also offer individual and group Leadership assessments covering items such as: Strategic leadership profiles, communication styles, managing conflict, making decisions, how to manage for results, assessment of team styles and behaviour and how to give and receive feedback.

Strategic human development works with willing participants and within appropriate situations. When sstrategic business change is planned and individual and group capacity for change needs to increase. When high-performing teams are needed with a high capacity to trust each other. When individuals recognise the need for growth and change and need help in achieving their goals. When preparing individuals for new roles and when performance improvement is required, Integral Coaching provides a highly reliable and sustainable platform to support these needs.

Executive coaching is a growing profession, utilized successfully as a Leadership development methodology by many FTSE100 companies.