Integral Coaching Africa

Integral Coaching Africa is a dynamic African leadership development practice.  Our focus is on executive coaching and mentoring in developing individual leaders, creating top team alignment, building high performing teams, working with organisations driving for cultural change, developing individuals for succession and working with high potential talent.

We partner with clients to co-create, collaborate and develop Leadership skills.

Integral Coaching South Africa was founded by Edith Sievers in 1998 and has continued to grow and strengthen with major Multi-Nationals, such as Johnson & Johnson, as clients.

Integral Coaching Nigeria was founded by Renée Petzer in 2012 with the aspiration of building a body of qualified coaches in Nigeria.
As professional coaches, we are members of and subscribe to the International Coaching Federations’ Code of Ethics.

Equally important to us is the values and philosophy on which we base our business conduct:

  • We respect the integrity of all people and the environment with whom we are connected and act with care towards them.
  • We use truthful and clear communications to all people with whom we are connected.
  • We behave honestly in all interactions: financial, material, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Our coaches get paid timeously and we honour and respect the work they do for us.
  • We bring care and wisdom to our conduct and avoid all forms of exploitation.
  • We use our knowledge and skills for the benefit of all people with whom we are connected, and not to gain unfair personal advantage.  While our quality is exceptional, we remain affordable.  In fact we want every link along the way to be benefitting from our service.  All the coaches we associate with do pro-bona work in their communities.
  • Our essence is to co-create, collaborate with and grow ourselves and others.
  • We value the ongoing development and upliftment of woman in our society.



Renée Petzer
Renée is a professionally qualified coach through the University of Cape Town, affiliated to New Ventures West in San Francisco and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.  She holds a Master of Philosophy in Systemic Thinking and has practiced as an Executive Coach since 2004.  Renée has extensive corporate and multi-national business experience, having worked as a leader at an executive level for British American Tobacco in Africa Middle East as well as holding a global role.  Her main area of interest is delivering sustainable and practical leadership capabilities into Africa.

Edith Sievers
Edith is a pioneer in the field of Integral Coaching, having qualified as a professional coach in 1998. She is a certified Master Coach with the International Coaching Federation.  She holds an Honours degree in Accounting Science from the University of South Africa and was admitted to the Accounting Profession as a Chartered Accountant upon the successful completion of the Public Accountant’s and Auditors Board examination in 1989. She is a member to the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and the International Coaching Federation.  With 20 years in financial and business leadership experience she has experienced business life from both sides of the desk, as financial director as well as management consultant in some of the most prestigious organizations such as Microsoft and Deloitte and Touche.  Edith, a published Executive Coach, is driven to share the power of Integral Coaching because it builds sustainable results for individuals and their organisations alike.

Why Integral Coaching Africa?

  • We work only with Internationally Certified and experienced coaches
  • We are grounded in what is the top 5 coaching education and top 50 academic faculties, that is University of Stellenbosch and University of Cape Town
  • Edith Sievers is a founding members of the coaching industry in South Africa, which is the fastest growing coaching industry in the world
  • All our coaches have min of 15 years of demonstrable senior Corporate and International experience.
  • We have vivid experience and understanding on how corporate culture works.
  • Our experience spans many Multinational and South African companies.


Integral Coaching programmes

Integral coaching is works exceptionally well along with other individual and team development programmes. We coach MBA students during their time of study, we coaching alongside leadership development programmes and coach leadership teams during change and transformation in organisations.